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Bright & Crisp presets for Adobe Lightroom on Desktop.

With just one click and a few adjustments in the basic panel (temperature, tint, exposure, and contrast), your images will be totally transformed! Yes, it's that easy! No more struggling with the sliders in Lightroom, never making any progress. With these presets, you can start having consistent, professional-looking imagery that your clients will ADORE (and pay more for)!

Yes, your images can look like this!!

- Riley

The Bloom Presets are awesome! For so long I tried finding a light and airy preset and that is exactly what I got! I use a Canon 90D and shoot in raw and the presets were perfect for what I needed! I often like using softer presets to bring light to my photos and I can confidently say that these presets are exactly that. I 100% recommend Kim Johnson's Bloom Presets.

before & after



autumn says...

These presets are clear and dreamy. The greens are my favorite! And they make editing a breeze!

instantly make your images "POP" using the bloom presets!

Wondering how to get "that look?"

Poppy (Original)

Poppy Soft (Muted, lower contrast)

Poppy Pushed (Vibrant, high contrast)

Poppy Luxe (Color shifted for a luxury look)

Poppy Cooler Skin (When skin looks to orange)

Poppy Mood (Warm, darker version)

BONUS: Five Adjustment Tools: Reduce Greens, Lens Correction ON/OFF, Desaturate, and Dark Skin Tones Less Orange Tool!

BONUS: Editing Tutorial on how to make the most of your new presets!

the poppy pack comes with 6 different presets (+ Bonuses)!

included are the following:

from this...

to this!

compare the poppy presets

original raw

all of these are included!

poppy original

poppy soft

poppy low contrast

poppy pushed

poppy luxe

poppy cooled

poppy mood

Brooke says.. 

"These presets are SO versatile and work on any RAW photo. They give my pictures a bright and vibrant look without washing out my subjects. The presets have allowed me to gain the confidence to expand my portfolio and

Thank you to Kim Johnson Photography for providing these beautiful presets that have changed the way I deliver my photos!"

have given me the ability to provide my clients with consistently beautiful images.

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

do these work on raw or jpeg files?

These presets were designed for RAW files (.CR2 or .NEF). This setting is on your camera. The presets will work on JPEG, but will produce far better results on RAW images!

What kind of photos look best with poppy presets?

These presets were designed for weddings and portrait sessions, but these will also look good on other types of photography. They work best on Canon and Nikon images, but still work on Sony!

what program do i need to have to use these?

These presets work on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (but I recommend Lightroom Classic). They technically work on Lightroom mobile, but only on RAW images imported from your camera.

I am a new photographer- will these still look good on my images?

Yes! As long as you shoot in RAW and have images that are decently well-shot, these presets will look great!

Will these presets fix a bad photo?

While the presets might improve a bad photo, nothing can replace getting an image exposed well in your camera! Good lighting and a sharp, well-exposed image is ideal.

what if i have another question?

If you have any other questions, or want me to test the presets on your images, email me at!

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