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I'm Kimberly, but my friends call me Kim (except my Nana. Nana, feel free to keep calling me by my full name). I have always loved art and have had enjoyed many creative endeavors, but I have found that photographing weddings has been, by far, more rewarding than anything else. Being a photographer is truly the best job I’ve ever had, which is saying something, considering I co-owned a highly successful lemonade stand back in the summer of 2001 that got the whole culdesac talking. 


- kim

My heart behind photography is my passion for serving others. Getting to be there on the most important day of your life, capturing the most precious memories, and most of all, supporting your marriage from the start- that's what gets me so excited! Every couple has a special, unique story, and I'd love to get to capture this little part of yours!

Curtis and I met during our first semester at Liberty University, and I was SO into him. Later I found out that he had tons of amazing qualities (strong leader, good friend, loves Jesus, great sense of humor, etc.), but to be honest, at that point, I just thought he was really hot. 😂

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I was a total creep and found which classes he was taking the next semester and switched into most of them so we would get more time together (yes, I'm serious). He FOR SURE should've taken that as a red flag and run far away but it totally worked and he asked me on a date, woohoo!! (And he teases me about that to this day!)

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We dated all of college, and not only did he make me laugh more than I ever had before, but Curtis showed me that I was VALUED and LOVED- and it totally changed my life. We quickly became best friends and realized we'd make really good life partners. So he took me to his family farm in North Carolina to ask me to marry him, and of course I said YASSS!!! 

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We got married on September 22, 2018 and oh my gosh I have never been so happy in my life. Walking down the aisle was SURREAL. And I ugly cried, lol. As I got walked closer to Curtis, he realized how hard I was crying and he let out a legit LAUGH. The day ended in a terrential downpour and Curtis made me wear my SEATBELT in the limo as we left our wedding that night (the weather was that bad). Even so, it was the most amazing day ever and I'll never forget it! Since being a bride myself, I definitely approach wedding photography so differently (and with SO much extra excitement!!)

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Wedding pics by Michela Brooke Photo

PLOT TWIST!! Rather than getting an apartment and 9-5 jobs, we bought a 1976 Airstream camper, renovated it, and are spending our first year of marriage traveling and living in it full time!! We went to California and back, seeing tons of beautiful places and meeting cool, new people. And I must say this- we absolutely love adventures, but the best adventure of all has been being married. MARRIAGE. IS. AWESOME.

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Airstream Pics by @stephandtaylorphoto

After traveling all over the country, we realized we wanted to slow down and stop somewhere! So at the beginning of the summer, we stopped in Richmond, VA and have loved building community here. We still live in the Airstream, and although it's tight, it's fun! He photographs weddings with me now, and we always sneak in a slow dance at the end of the night!

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our love story

choosing a photographer

Since marriage is a big deal and your wedding day is a big deal, choosing a wedding photographer is.. yes, you guessed it.. a big deal! It makes a huge difference on your wedding day as well as through the engagement season. You want someone who you can TRUST so you can relax and KNOW that they are capturing everything on such an important day. You want someone who truly cares about you and is comfortable to be around (on your wedding day, you’ll be with hanging out with me more than your future spouse!). And you want someone who is passionate about marriage

a decision worth thinking about

so that they can support you and take their role seriously. Personally and professionally, Kim Johnson Photography can promise you all of these things, but even if you don’t select me as your wedding photographer, I urge you to still prioritize this decision and select someone who knows how freaking HUGE an honor it is to photograph your amazing, unique, joy-filled, celebration-worthy wedding. If you think we might be that perfect match (which I hope we are!!), then please don't hesitate to send me note on the contact page!

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