I’m Kim Johnson, the passionate, playful cheer coach behind the camera.






I believe wedding photography that feels 100% you is one of the best ways to support your marriage… here’s why.

All of that begins on the wedding day.

(Yep, really. Actual cheerleading coach here)


God led me to my now-husband, Curtis, when we were just 18 years old (that’s him in the pic above!). But our age didn’t matter—I confidently knew on our very first date, "I'm going to marry this guy."

Even though that felt exciting in the moment, I truthfully had no clue what marriage could mean.

After meeting with lots of older couples through premarital counseling who spoke a beautiful vision of marriage over us, and over time actually BEING married (4 years and counting!), I've realized my passion truly lies in the potential that marriage can hold.

but weddings don’t actually make a marriage.

(yep, it's true)

Your wedding (as special as it should be!) is just ONE day. They simply open the door for a lifetime of experiencing even better, together. So, YES, our wedding day was awesome, but I am so much happier now as a committed wife to Curtis than I was as a bride. And that is why I was (and still am) absolutely obsessed with our wedding album. (So much so that I make every single person who visits us go through it. Yes, for real.) Because it was the very beginning of a story I never could have written for myself. #Godisthebestmatchmaker

this is us!

I knew from that moment on that I wanted to make other couples feel as well-taken care of as we did from vendors who went above and beyond to make our day memorable and support our marriage.

Our              Story

the timeline of

Curtis and I met during our first semester at Liberty University, and I was SO into him. Later I found out that he had tons of amazing qualities (strong leader, good friend, loves Jesus, great sense of humor, etc.), but to be honest, at that point, 


I just thought he was really hot.

I was a total creep and found which classes he was taking the next semester and switched into most of them so we would get more time together (yes, I'm serious). He FOR SURE should've taken that as a red flag and run far away but it totally worked and he asked me on a date, woohoo!! 


We dated all of college, and not only did he make me laugh more than I ever had before, but Curtis showed me that I was VALUED and LOVED- and it totally changed my life. We quickly became best friends and realized we'd make really good life partners. So he took me to his family farm in North Carolina to ask me to marry him, 


(And he teases me about that to this day!)

and of course I said YASSS!!! 

We got married on September 22, 2018 and oh my gosh I have never been so happy in my life. Walking down the aisle was SURREAL. And I ugly cried, lol. As I got walked closer to Curtis, he realized how hard I was crying and he let out a legit LAUGH. The day ended in a terrential downpour and Curtis made me wear my SEATBELT in the limo as we left our wedding that night (the weather was that bad). Even so, it was the most amazing day ever and I'll never forget it! 


Since being a bride myself, I definitely approach wedding photography so differently (and with SO much extra excitement!!)

PLOT TWIST!! Rather than getting an apartment and 9-5 jobs, we bought a 1976 Airstream camper, renovated it, and are spending our first year of marriage traveling and living in it full time!! We went to California and back, seeing tons of beautiful places and meeting cool, new people. And I must say this- we absolutely love adventures, but the best adventure of all has been being married. 

When I met Curtis in 2018, I told my roommate that I had officially fallen in love for the last time. Turns out I was wrong. Because in June of 2023, I met our son Wells, and I fell head over heels all over again. Welcoming him into the world was no small feat. Wells tipped the scales at nearly 10 pounds and required an emergency C-Section, making my recovery a formidable challenge. Curtis stepped in to care for us both, fulfilling our vows, "in sickness and in health."




Our family grew, and my heart did too.

We decided to slow down and put down roots in Richmond, VA. We bought a house, made some friends, & added our dog Wally to the family! While traveling is fun, getting involved in a community is just as rewarding. I started coaching & Curtis loves working in the concrete industry. Curtis photographs most weddings with me now, & it's so special. He loves getting to know the groom, groomsmen, & probably your grandma too (women over 70 often tell me how handsome he is...lol). 


But my favorite part of having Curtis by my side is the slow dance that we always sneak in at the end of the night!





Fun! Let's get started

I aim to capture your one-of-a-kind energy & love with

wedding photography that exudes joy!

And my support goes well-beyond creating a shot list + showing up on your big day. I act as more than just a wedding photographer for my clients: I’m an advocate for their day, a support system during the planning process, and a friendly face to turn to whenever things feel overwhelming or out of hand.

At the end of the day, your wedding day is about YOU as a couple: your love, joy, happiness, and the lifetime ahead of you.

There’s nothing I want more than to be here for you every step of the way, to give you something that supports your marriage in all seasons of life—to have something you can look back on, forever. 

And also something you can force everyone to look through the second they step inside. (No? Am I the only one who does that? Okay, cool.)

Curtis & I lived full-time in a 1976 Airstream (lovingly referred to as our 31' Aluminum Burrito). We’re natural-born adventurers, and still travel almost every single weekend!

Before buying our first “traditional” home in 2021,

Supa-Dupa Quick Fun Facts!

I have officially given him the titles “Most Attractive General Contractor Award” with ALL of the hard work he’s put into our bajillion home projects and "Fastest Diaper Changer."
He is a pro with the Huggies!

Speaking of Curtis…

Becoming a Waffle House Regular. My go-to is the all-star special with hashbrowns and a chocolate chip waffle!

Greatest Accomplishment:

Being a guide and discipler for high school girls is one of my biggest passions in life, outside of photography, marriage, and cottage cheese (don't judge).  

I’m also a cheer coach & young life leader! 

like candle-making and playing piano… which means our house is typically filled with strong fragrance backed by my 3rd grade-level piano playing. God bless Curtis for sticking with me! 

I like to take on random hobbies,

If you’re thinking to yourself, “We’re not really very good at pictures…”

Fear not, my friend. I’m a pro at unleashing your REAL love dynamic so when you get your digital album back, you’ll be saying, “this is so us” with every photo I capture.