People-centered wedding photography that captures the start to your 







It’s official—the moment finally happened… YOU’RE ENGAGED!!! YAYAYAY!!!

(*that’s my timely squeal… you’ll get used to it!*)

Is there anything more exciting than knowing you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with your absolute most favorite person in the world?

(Trust me, this level of excitement won’t even hold a candle to when you actually get to START the life-spending—you won’t believe how good it gets.)


I wholeheartedly believe that

marriage is the greatest adventure.

It’s a true and purposeful partnership,
It’s being better together than you are apart,
It’s this deep delight in your every day (that simultaneously gives you butterflies and the can’t-stop-giggling kinda feels),

You get to experience each other,
For better: Saturday mornings eating chocolate chip waffles with your person.
For worse: With someone to lean on (or to steal a jacket from when it gets cold).
Till death do you part. 

On your wedding day, you get to start your own little family of two.

And all of THAT is living, breathing proof that God has better things than we can imagine up His sleeve.

Wedding planning can bring LOTS of stressful moments, but booking your vendors should NOT be one of them!

If the planning process is leaving you stressed, elbows deep in spreadsheets, and lost in a sea of open tabs wondering, “Am I supposed to be enjoying this?”... it’s time to turn that around!

Because when it comes down to it, here’s what you really want for your wedding:

  • Timeless, beautiful pictures that’ll capture the legacy that began on this once-in-a-lifetime day
  • For everyone you love and cherish to have a blast as you celebrate together
  • To actually get married (!!!!!) and mark the beginning of your greatest adventure together

As much as you CAN’T WAIT for the actual wedding day, you don’t want to lose all those memories in the shuffle of the day and the season. You know you’ll both want to relive the day over and over again, for years to come.


Enter: just the












to capture your big day for you

(& make wedding planning FUN again!)

Hey, that’s me! Kim, reporting for duty, camera in hand (& snacks on deck!)

Your wedding day is about YOU as a couple: your love, joy, happiness, and the lifetime ahead of you.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to bring to life for you in photos.

My approach is based on nearly a decade of experience & a knack for reading the room

I pride myself on my high EQ—aka, my emotional intelligence. On top of my years of photography experience, I lean on my strong intuition and innate ability to read your emotions to guide the photography process.

AKA, I bring flexibility to your shot list—ensuring we get ALL the photos you want and need, without forcing it to happen in a particular order.

Why? Because I believe that forcing a photo is never a good look for anybody, which is why I’ve officially made a promise to NEVER ask you to fake laugh, ever.

I mean it when I say I’m ALLERGIC to stiff, awkward posing. LOL. (This is NOT 6th grade picture day!)


“Kim was the best photographer my husband Josh and I could have ever hoped for!! We wanted a photographer that would not only take beautiful pictures, but would also capture our love in candid, genuine shots. When we met with her for our engagement shoot, she was so happy, kind, and bubbly that she just naturally made us feel at ease in front of the camera! When I look back at our wedding photos, I feel like I am reliving the best day of our lives! I am so thrilled with how each picture turned out, and I can’t emphasize enough how much Kim truly captures pure joy and genuine love in each of her photos! Kim was 1,000% worth the investment, and I would highly and confidently recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer!” 

- Lexi W.


You send over an inquiry,

and I do a happy dance around my kitchen! (The first of many.)

I send you all the info you need

including pricing, & all that jazz. We have a no-pressure chat over the phone, email, or FaceTime (whichever makes you feel the least awk!) Oh, and all pets are HIGHLY encouraged to attend, too—especially the doggos.

“Did we just become best friends?”

YUP!!! We make it official and I do yet another happy dance. (That’s at least 2 dances so far, FYI.)

We get to know each other better

so that I can fully customize your entire photography experience, including wedding day timeline & any other details you want help with.

It's time for the most fun date night ever

so that I can fully customize your entire photography experience, including wedding day timeline & any other details you want help with.

3 weeks before your wedding

we’ll go over details of your wedding to make sure the ‘what, where, and who’ questions are all answered.

The week before the wedding

we have one last FaceTime sesh or phone call where we go over final little details because LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE WEDDING IS ALMOST HERE!!!

It’s WEDDING DAY, baby (!!!)

I walk into the bridal suite where you’re getting your makeup done and almost pee my pants because of how beautiful you look, and proceed to give you a HUGE hug (without messing up your hair, of course!)

You walk down the aisle,

say vows, party your booties off, and, of course, get some amazing portraits. I’m right there to capture it when you laugh, cry, and dance… and I’ll most likely be laughing, crying, and dancing right there with ya. (Are you keeping track of the number of dances I’ve done, BTW?)

You and your new spouse leave

your wedding via grand exit and begin your lives together! You wake up the next day to a few gorgeous sneak-peek images that you can post right before you hop on the plane to your honeymoon!

5–8 weeks after your big day

something wonderful will arrive in your inbox! Your wedding gallery full of hundreds of edited images that you can share, download, and print to your heart's content. Then, I officially begin to design your WEDDING ALBUM!!!

You receive all the products you ordered.

something wonderful will arrive in your inbox! Your wedding gallery full of hundreds of edited images that you can share, download, and print to your heart's content. Then, I officially begin to design your WEDDING ALBUM!!!

I receive your Christmas card every year 

because we are BFFs now. Also, you invite me to join your family on all vacations, and let me drive the jet ski. A girl can dream, right?

Total number of dances I do:

At least 5. Likely more. Especially if Fergalicious comes on.

I’m the picture-perfect wedding photographer for you if you want…

Your wedding photos to capture in-the-moment emotion, & to look in on your unique, timeless love.
To freeze time so you can remember the genuine joy you shared with your guests.
To be something you’re PROUD to look back on, and can instantly transport you back to that special moment in time.
To be something that supports your marriage for years to come, in good times and especially in the hard times.
To work with a photographer who knows the Charlottesville, VA & Richmond, VA areas like the back of her hand!
To have a destination wedding (I’ll take any excuse to travel!)


Wedding photography is an

investment that truly lasts a lifetime

There’s nothing I want more than to be here for you every step of the way, to give you something that supports your marriage in all seasons of life—to have something you can look back on, forever. 

Wedding photography experiences with me start at $5000 and include engagement sessions. Inquire now & let’s chat ALL the juicy details—can’t wait!!!


They got me blushin’

let's do this thing


"Having Kim as our wedding photographer was the best decision. My husband and I are not used to being in front of the camera and we tend to get shy when being photographed, but Kim was able to help us loosen up and just focus on each other instead of the act of getting our picture taken. She gave us photos that captured the joy that my husband and I, our families, and our guests all felt on our wedding day! We will forever cherish our photographs."

Stephanie R.

What really stuck with us was her ‘why’

...she described wanting us to have these images to look back on in times of hardship and celebration. Our engagement shoot felt incredible and effortless despite having just met her for the first time (in person) and taking pictures outdoors in 32 degree weather. My husband is quite the introvert, and he never once felt awkward or shy following her lead for posing. Fast forward to wedding day, Kim was a hype woman, but also an honest friend when something needing to be changed. She knew which questions to ask during group photos and couple shots to set the tone & put up with the crazy dance party that ensued with a smile. Our photos turned out absolutely amazing, and I still get teary eyed looking through them. She captured both the big moments and the small details that may have been forgotten over time, but now we can look back on with pride. 


Kim's photos have that polished "WOW" factor

It rained all day on our wedding day, we got married outside, and our photos are still DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. Kim is the most personable and genuine photographer we've ever worked with and you feel like friends from the moment you meet her. She is very professional and knows exactly how to make you feel like the best version of yourself in front of her camera. She is the sweetest, most joyful person and was always so much fun to work with and a great woman to be around. If anyone is on the fence about booking her; just book her. She exceeded all of our expectations; people can't stop talking about our photos and we will cherish them for a lifetime. Hiring Kim is the best investment you can make!!