October 19, 2020

Faith + Quinn | Kentucky Wedding Day

These two are now MARRIED. How awesome is that?! This couple is near and dear to my heart. We all met back in college and it has been so sweet to watch as their love has grown over the years.

My husband actually met Quinn first, back in 2015! Quinn and Curtis lived in the same dorm hall and Curtis was actually assigned to be Quinn’s Bible study leader. The two of them hit it off pretty quickly and have been a big part of one another’s walk with the Lord. Faith came into Quinn’s life a couple years later, and we got to see their love story unfold as Quinn pursued faith with so much love, gentleness and integrity. They are such an amazing couple. 

As photographers, we don’t normally get to attend the rehearsal dinner, but since my husband was a groomsman at their wedding we did! They had a food truck, lots of laughs and everyone took time to share something about Quinn and Faith! It was so special to be a part of. 

And while the days leading up to their wedding day were so sweet, their wedding day was the sweetest! Both Quinn and Faith had really special relationships with their families and friends. It truly showed the type of people they are, loving, kind, respectful and intentional. I think I had tears in my eyes almost the entire day – especially when Faith and her dad did their first look. I don’t think I have ever seen a relationship like that. You could really tell how proud her dad was of her that day! 

During the ceremony Quinn and Faith chose to wash one another’s feet. It showed off their servant hearts towards one another, as they committed to humbling themselves before one another and putting the other person before themselves. And although that was super sweet, Quinn is the type of guy who stuck raisins in his sock, so that when Faith took his sock off to wash his feet during the ceremony she laughed so hard! Servant-hearted and funny – I’d say that’s one well rounded groom. 

But, truly this wedding day was beautiful. From friends and family that traveled to Kentucky to celebrate these two to the glorious sunset that showed up for us – all of it was a dream. I can’t thank these two enough for allowing me to capture such a special time in their lives. I truly appreciate you both more than you know. Curtis and I are praying for you both and cheering you on through this new season of life as husband and wife!  

Photography: Kim Johnson Photography | Venue: Vintage Barn at Merefield Farm

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