June 17, 2021

Rachel and Rylan | Spring Engagement Photographer Historic Tuckahoe VA

Rachel and Rylan are such a sweet, down-to-earth couple, and I loved getting to know them at their engagement shoot! They are goofy and joyful and can easily make each other laugh! They spend their time at coffee shops, in nature, going to restaurants, and often ending the night with a McDonald’s ice cream cone!

For their engagement session, we spent the evening at Historic Tuckahoe and got lots of time to chat and take some v cute pictures. I put my fav ones in this blog post!!! Enjoy!


Their love story:

“We met in college at Liberty, and became friends our freshman year while living in the same dorm. Over our first two and half years at school, we started to become best friends and spent a lot of time together. Towards the middle of our junior year, we started to spend even more time together, and we both started to secretly like each other. Neither of us thought the other would be interested, so the thought of dating was scary. Eventually, Rylan told Rachel how he felt about her in the Walmart parking lot while we were getting party supplies for our friends (after she ruined his plans the night before because she invited friends on our night out). We started dating officially a couple of weeks after, on April 11, 2019, and spent the summer visiting each other during our time off. Rylan graduated in December of that year and moved to Charlottesville. We now enjoy spending our weekends together and can’t wait to make a home.”


What’s his favorite thing about her?

“There are so many reasons that I love Rachel. She is so compassionate and caring towards others in the most selfless and genuine way that you can’t help but be encouraged to love others more. She is strong, fun, spunky, and crazy in the best way possible. She is so easy to be myself around, and the person I feel the most comfortable with in the whole world.”

What’s her favorite thing about him?

“One of the things I first fell in love with about Rylan is how he always is so open about anything. This is probably one of the ways we are most different and something I truly admire about him. He is always thinking about others and I love seeing the way he interacts with our friends & family.”

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