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Bobbie and Trace


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A Beautiful Jockey’s Ridge / Outer Banks Engagement Session

Bobbie and Trace met in first grade, and now a decade and a half later they’re engaged to be married!! I gotta say, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than running around in the sand dunes at Jockey’s Ridge, prancing in the waves on the beach, and watching the sun go down on the shores of the Outer Banks.
When planning a location for their engagement, we talked about maybe doing it seaside- which turned out to be PERFECT, since we ALL were vacationing the SAME weekend at the SAME beach!! While normally I try not to work during scheduled rest/vacation time, we had to make an exception (and I’m so glad I did!! Just look at these photos!!).
Bobbie and Trace, you guys are such a blast, and I am thrilled out of my mind to be your wedding photographer! I can’t wait for your wedding next spring!!
engagement couple photography at the outer banks and jockeys ridge

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“Kim is a DREAM to work with. She is so intentional and sweet. I would recommend Kim to anyone and everyone (I actually do recommend her to anyone and everyone). She is the most wonderful photographer I have ever worked with. She was worth my investment. She will be worth your investment.”

Becky P

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